Meant to be Together

Look at how the sun shines for them,

How the star dances for them,

How the waves rolls for them,

And the trees sways for them.

Her hand fits in his
just as his fits in hers.

How she makes him laugh,
And he makes her blush.

He’s perfect for her,
And she’s perfect for him.

It’s just too bad, really,
It seems like his mind is set
On just calling her “friend”.


tam here, adios


First post

Pretty obvious. I honestly made lots pf these. Blogs i mean and it never last long enough. And i’ll try this time. Hopefully this’ll last. My english needs polishing. Lots of ’em. Because all these indonesian english lessons(?) are killing my english. I love writing and t
his is what this thing is for. As of right now i’m a ninth grade indonesian girl juggling through life. Bear with me here.