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I’ve been trying to post this past week but the internet or this phone maybe is being stupid. It even deleted one of the post that took me so long to finish writing. Argh. Okay then.

tam here, adios

Stardust~wasting time

He’s just wasting her time.
At least that’s what he thought.
He knows his heart would crumble, but real love is about seeing their other half happy. He knows that of he keeps dragging their relationship aimlessly like this, he’ll break her heart. No. Even worse. He’ll destroy her.
Their relationship has no point. No marriage in sight.
Maybe she’ll find somebody else to love before their relationship gets deeper, eventually it will drown them both. It’s better to drop her now.
There will still be time for her to, maybe, find someone else to love. To make her happy. To build a family together. Somebody who wouldn’t have a problem putting a ring on her. Just a thought of it made him shiver.
She’s destined to be his. At least that’s what he wants. But he knows not to be selfish. That’s what love is all about.
Maybe someday she’ll understand that it’s all an effort to make her happy.
Her heart might break for a day or two, a month or two…
A year or two…
But she’ll get her life back on track.
Yes, in the eyes of the media he’ll be the villain, but who cares as long as she can and always will be happy?
He prayed again and again, but maybe this is God’s way out for them. Maybe their love story is meant to go on with them being apart.

tam here, adios


A year, two years, three…
Eventually everybody knows.
Knows the reason they clicked so well on screen, and always sticks together off screen.
Midnight birthday surprises;
As the earth revolves again and again around the sun, always one more candle on the anniversary cake.
Red carpets hand in hand; interviews side by side; and by time, they have the most envied across the the country.
Time flies after that one question that broke their solitude years back.
Now people wonders when the next question will be popped; the vows exchanged.
It’s not like they don’t know or don’t care.
They talked about it before under the stars. When they couldn’t come up with a solution, they had a silent agreement of not talking about it anymore. Just let it flow wherever it’s meant to flow.
It’s not that they don’t love each other.
Their flirty fluttery young love feeling have been changed with real solid love years ago.
Now it’s another wall barricading them from each other.
Their wall of beliefs.
He goes to the mosque, she goes to the church.
They have noticed that from the beginning, they just didn’t know that they would last this long for this to be a problem.
Their love is just too strong to take the easy way out, but yet too weak to let go of what they’ve been holding on all their life.
People said that love conquers all, but it seems that there are greater love than humanly love.

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2nd diarrhea

Just a thought about the education system thingie majig.

Jadi di sekolah, untuk bhs Inggris,  kita diajar rumus-rumus segala macam tensis baru abis itu diajar mengarang whatever it is they tell us to. I have this little thought.
Writing should be about expanding and expressing our creativity  and learning the rules along the way. Shouldn’t be the other way around. Huft. Okeyah. Terserah aja jo dang.

tam here, adios