Holiday Day 2: Convention

Actually I’m writing this in day 3 cause I barely had time yesterday and yesterday (Saturday) we keep the Sabbath. Or observe the Sabbath. Whichever suites you. Maybe Jews are the more popular Sabbath keepers but us Seventh Day Adventist observe the day to.
Anyhow, yesterday was the closing of a big week long revival by an Indonesian pastor who works in GC, and it was an exhausting, hot day of worshipping but at the end nobody complained. I think. I forgot.

The view going there
Look at how blue the sky is😍

Yee not so good quality picture of the blue sky.

My polkadot dress and my favorite (and only) pair of descent church shoes/sandal
My brother driving (irrelevant, so what?)


So like there was a bit traffic on the way. Turns out this was the reason. This motorcycle collided with a truck. Just look at what’s left of that motorcylce and imagine the person riding it. Scary.

Blurry picture of the worship aftermath
Afternoon seminar

And finally a little around sun down the kids and teens from Kanaan Church got on the stage and did this glowing hand thing of Who Am I and You Raise Me Up. Awesome!


Great Sabbath and to top it off, after closimg Sabbath, we spoiled ourselves with some martabaks. Search it up. It’s one of Indonesia’s gem. I don’t have enough time to link it up. I’m getting ready for my Gorontalo trip at this moment. Probably you’ll hear from me again later today.
See you!


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