Imagination Application

Regarding my last post on MIT and how I fell in love with it, I started stalking theur myMit blogs and honestly it makes me want to fill in my own application. Well since that’s not what’s going to happen in the near future since I’m in ninth grade, I decided to write my own application to my own world. Yeah yeah here we go.

This world is cruel. Bloodshed for power. Trickery for money. Lives of the innocent spent just because of… pressure? Why spend another time here? Sure there are days when you can goof off life and just smile at the pavement all day long, but how long do those really last? Maybe there are people who can maintain those moments a little longer than others. Then again there’s me. One bundle of hope must come with three bundles of anxiety. Sure there are unforgettable memories, but the only things left from them are memories. If you can, why not just live in them and be in the security of having everything under control? Why not just live in an imagination? To live with no boundaries? To live without worries?
To just live life.
If that thing is going to be called life anyways.

And so that’s that. But no worries. I’m not hating life and cutting and all. I actually like life with its sprinkle of sadness. After all those sad moments are actually the reason I start this blog.




The sun blasts its rays.
The breeze brushed past her red cheeks.
The trees swayed along with the breeze.
Everything was perfect.
She was among her beautiful friends that she loves so dang much.
Her ears ringing with laughters.
For the first time in the past few weeks, she could actually smile.
Her heart finally have that warmth she always longed.
Not so many yells back home,
The teachers aren’t overwhelming her with their stacks of homeworks.
She was free.
She was free.
She was free.
Then all of the sudden,
The thunders roared. The storm raged inside her heart.
One stupid voice inside her head reminded her:
“Nothing lasts baby. Even this. Life is not this easy.”
All around her stayed the same. Jokes after jokes. Laughter after laughter.
But she, and she alone, have her colors rushing off her face.
Tired, afraid of what tomorrow may bring.

Ma note:
Sorry for the random posts. It feels right at the time of the writing. Oh well. Now don’t we all have a stupid voice inside our hearts always anxious, never chill.

tam here, adios