The curse that we all have to break. No excuse not to try.

tam here, adios



The sun blasts its rays.
The breeze brushed past her red cheeks.
The trees swayed along with the breeze.
Everything was perfect.
She was among her beautiful friends that she loves so dang much.
Her ears ringing with laughters.
For the first time in the past few weeks, she could actually smile.
Her heart finally have that warmth she always longed.
Not so many yells back home,
The teachers aren’t overwhelming her with their stacks of homeworks.
She was free.
She was free.
She was free.
Then all of the sudden,
The thunders roared. The storm raged inside her heart.
One stupid voice inside her head reminded her:
“Nothing lasts baby. Even this. Life is not this easy.”
All around her stayed the same. Jokes after jokes. Laughter after laughter.
But she, and she alone, have her colors rushing off her face.
Tired, afraid of what tomorrow may bring.

Ma note:
Sorry for the random posts. It feels right at the time of the writing. Oh well. Now don’t we all have a stupid voice inside our hearts always anxious, never chill.

tam here, adios