Holiday Day 1: It Has Begun

Hey guys, it’s me!
So as you know(or not), it’s holiday time:D the holidays season are coming aaaand it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas!!


Or not.
Kinda miss the knee deep Michigan
snow and all, but all is well.
Actually around here beginning to look a lot like Christmas is mostly like this


Which is fine with me.

It’s a secret stash of cookies (and chocolates). Well I guess it’s not that secretive considering that one empty jar. You know the best thing about this stash? It grows! So many nice people give cookies (and diabetes I guess?). It just grows more as Christmas gets closer. Or at least it did last year.

Okay so there is a reason behind all these ranting! Not a good one, but a reason. It’s holidays and no activity has finally gotten into my skull and I have so many free time to spare! And I’ve decided to blog it. Blog every single day of it. Now I’m not really good at commitments, but it’s worth a shot.

I’m doing this so I have something to do and practice my english and writing along the way. Fun. Alright. This is the end. I really need to work on endings.

Oh and I wanna talk about that picture. Although it’s not much of a snowy season, it’s nearing the fruit season. To the left is mango tree and to the right is rambuta tree. I’ll take pictures of ’em when the sun’s out.

This is the real ending.