“Hey stupid,” Anna said.
“Hey poop,” Jessy replied as she sat next to Anna.
“You look beautiful today,” Jessy complimented as she snatched a brownie from Anna’s plate and stuffed it in her mouth.
“You’re welcome fatty.” Anna said annoyed.
“Thanks babe! Your house tonight?”
“Ya. Don’t forget to bring Mean Girls!”
“Yay! Don’t forget to get them corn poppin’. Catch ya later. Mrs. Pumpkinbutt’s class next.”

*one year after Anna moved*
Anna_17: hey jes
Jessy_xoxo: Anna! Imy!
Anna_17: i miss ya too
Jessy_xoxo: come visit sometimes
Anna_17: i really wanna
Jessy_xoxo: well maybe someday we’ll meet again…
Anna_17: hopefully
Jessy_xoxo: ya.

And that’s that. Anna sat in silence. A great friend lost. Their conversations the past year have only been kust like that. Jessy was the person she laughed with, the person she cried to. Their conversations would last days. The secrets they shared, the crazy moments, skipping classes and going to the mall just to escape insanity, knowing each other’s weaknesses, talking about hot seniors, mocking each other’s ‘forever alone’ statuses; all made a mark in Anna’s heart.

Anna stays friendless and stiff. Unlike Jessy on her instagram pictures. Jessy with her new friends laughing and doing all the things they used to do.

Of course it’s not Jessy’s fault. With different environments and situations, they barely have anything to talk about. Friends fade. Anna knows best. It’s not like it’s her first.

She’ll find another friend, get to know her, and when Anna knows her flaws, Anna will be annoyed of her, but Anna will get through it, and Anna will have a new friend. A friend she’d be inseparable with, and then she’d have to move and repeat the process. God will give the right angels at the right time for the right reason.




So once there was a girl. Caught up in her own imagination. Busied with her dreams. Her reality is everybody’s dream.

Everybody loved her. Her face on the cover of magazines, flying every now and then barely any free time between projects.

Her future’s so bright, even the sun envied her. But a part of her past still haunts her.
A boy to be specific.
His look, his words, how he made her feel like she’s the most beautiful girl in the world. The girl just can’t escape them.
Everybody said it was just puppy love, but she wonders why her heart still aches years later.

But her life now is a dream. She is forced to live it.
The girl is an idolized young actress.
Acted millions of faces, both on screen and off. Her practiced smile brushed boys off their feet, but she can only think of one. Only one.

Eventually behind her many masks, she shoves the boy in the far back of her mind. Never fiddled around with it.
The memories faded. The distance drifted. His voice, his looks, his touch lost in the flutters of business.
But her heart, unlike her smile, never seemed to be perfect again. Always a little empty, or a little cold, or a little sad. Just never perfect.

tam here, adios